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Welcome to the Maready Medical Blog

Welcome to our new blog! We want to make an effort to connect with you as our patients, to inform you of what we offer, and report on things that we're working on. I opened this clinic in October of 2017 with the primary goals of creating a practice that could operate more efficiently, deliver higher quality care, and create a better connection with our patients than I had found in my prior experiences. I now see why I didn't experience this elsewhere—it takes more effort than I expected and there are more resisting forces than I realized. Regardless, this remains my primary goal. I still believe it is possible, but I know some of you have seen us fall short at times. Let me highlight some things that we have worked hard to create. We have listed many of these on our website, but not everything yet:

  • convenient access to an extensive offering of lab testing: blood draws in the office, specialized labs through Cleveland Heart Lab, RestoreU Method, SpectraCell nutrient testing, Genova lab offerings, and more

  • nutritional approaches to disease healing, including diet interventions and supplements

  • alternative treatments for numerous conditions

  • connection with local hospitals to share medical records

  • relationships with numerous local specialists, many of which we have met personally

  • same-day sick visits

  • after hours visits

We'd love for you to subscribe to our blog so we can keep you informed on what we're doing. Thank you for trusting us with your medical care—something that is so personal and vital to our human existence.

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