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The Arizona Testing Blitz

Updated: May 2, 2020

We are participating in the Arizona Testing Blitz! We are doing drive-up testing daily at our office, but for the next 3 Saturdays, we'll be doing testing all day. Governor Ducey made the announcement April 27th as a push to open up testing to more people--now challenging the state to offer 60,000 tests by the end of this. The Arizona Department of Health website details the new standing order issued by our state health director, Dr. Cara Christ.

We'll be open Saturday from 8am to 6pm. You'll need to pre-register (if you are not already a patient). Everyone will need to complete the COVID Questionnaire before they schedule their appointment, but it can all be done online. There is no cost, regardless of insurance coverage.

We realize that our contribution to this crisis is small in comparison to the needs out there, but we want to to our part. Many people have wanted to be tested but haven't been able to find a site able to take them. We also understand some complaints that 60,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the more than 7 million people living in Arizona. Having watched this virus spread first-hand from the beginning in Arizona, and having very limited treatment options for a cure, I realize that the only viable approach is prevention through quarantine--but this is done much more effectively if you know if you are infected. I believe that any person who has even minor symptoms should be tested. Any person that has been potentially exposed to another case should be tested. Knowing who is actively infected is key--these people can quarantine even more carefully and stop the spread.

Stay safe and stay strong! We will get through this crisis and be better because of it.

Dr. Maready

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