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Maready Medical COVID-19 Protocol

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

As we continue to navigate our operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have received some new guidelines from the Arizona Department of Health Services on how to operate. We are also refining and updating our own in-office protocol to help ensure the safety and health of all our patients. Below is our protocol for any patients who schedule a telemedicine visit with us.

Maready Medical Guidelines:

  • Recommend testing only if you fit the criteria

  • Perform the test in our parking lot at specified times (usually 3 different times per day)

  • Use complete PPE (personal protective equipment), new gloves for each patient, and we re-sterilize the remainder with Force of Nature hydrolyzed water

  • Telemedicine visits for any patient needing care for any reason

Summary of the new guidelines: 

  • Clarification on the title "Discourage COVID-19 tests": this is based on supply and results should not change management. "Keep working with your commercial vendors for testing."

  • Continue to stay in operation to avoid overwhelming ER and hospital resources

  • Medically treat patients as if they have the COVID-19 infection

  • Carefully preserve the supply of protective equipment and re-sterilize if necessary

You can visit these links below to see the guidelines given to us by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

New guidance for us issued by Dr. Cara Christ of the Arizona Department of Health. We will be following this guidance:

This is the letter written by Dr. Christ:

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