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  1. Invitation Email - You will be sent an email inviting you to register for the portal

  2. Registration Screen - This will show on the invitation email

  3. Signup Confirmation Email - Will be sent to you after you successfully register for Passport

  4. Passport Welcome Letter - The welcome letter that appears in your Passport when you first sign in

  5. New Message Notification Email - You will receive an email each time new content is available in your Passport

How to log into Patient Passport

You can log into your patient passport account via the website app or by downloading the patient passport smartphone app (available only on iPhone currently).

How to receive messages notifications

Each time that something new is sent to your Passport, you will be sent a simple email notification with instructions to sign into Passport to view the new content. These "new message" email notifications will be sent to you each time a new message is created or your visit note is completed.

How to send a new message

  1. You will see a large orange button appears at the bottom of your “Timeline” page that says “New Message”.

  2. Clicking this button will open a blank form to compose a message to the practice. This is for non-urgent communication only.

  3. After the you select a message category, the message window will update and tell you to whom your message will be routed at the practice.

  4. ​​You have the opportunity to add attachments to new messages which is made apparent through the 'Add Attachments'  button.

  5. After you send your message, a copy of the outbound message will appear at the top of your Timeline feed with an orange paper airplane icon.


How to use one login to access multiple charts

The One Login feature allows you to access multiple charts using a single login to patient passport. This makes it easy for those who are responsible for the care of other patients on Elation (e.g. their children) or have charts you wish to access from multiple Elation providers--to see and manage everything in one place. Anyone who has multiple logins to Patient Passport can consolidate the charts to a master patient Passport login.

Learn more about One Login here

How to self-schedule appointments on Maready Medical booking site

Within Passport, you are provided a direct link to the Maready Medical booking site so that you can self-schedule appointments based on availability. The button is found near the top right corner on the patient passport page on the web-version and at the bottom of the page on the mobile-version.


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patient passport booking mobile.jpeg
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