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Countless medical studies have shown the astounding effects of eating the right foods. We have seen this repeatedly with our own health and with our patients. Headaches and gastric reflux go away. Depression and anxiety improve. Stomach pains, bloating, cramping, and diarrhea resolve completely. Energy improves. Sexual function improves. Mental clarity improves—the “brain fog” just goes away.

We have also seen dramatic improvements in chronic diseases after diet changes, even before there is weight loss. High blood pressure and cholesterol improve dramatically and quickly. Diabetics immediately see a drop in blood sugars. Symptoms and inflammatory markers from autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus improve dramatically. Acne goes away.


What has surprised us most is the response we have seen after getting these results. Other doctors easily acknowledge, “Well, of course, your patients are better—that’s what happens when you eat right.” Our patients have also felt like it is natural, intuitive, and even obvious that they would feel better once making these changes. These results have been much more dramatic than medication effects, and surprisingly, it has been no surprise to people. We all know that eating right leads to health—we just get distracted from that truth with all the other information around us.


Why then do we bypass this treatment? It is inexpensive, allows our patients to retain control over their health, and best of all, it is proven to be the most effective treatment. We clearly believe that other treatments are also necessary, and we use medications and even supplements for treatment, but let’s not skip the most effective step in treatment!


We have compiled the compelling medical research and expert recommendations on this subject (click here for the document). We encourage you to consider the dietary approach to improving—even curing your chronic diseases. Consider this approach for the treatment of your “undiagnosable” conditions. We also encourage you not to focus on weight loss as a marker of your success in this effort. Your weight will often not correlate to disease or symptom control. This mindset has been ingrained into our culture, and we believe it is misguided.


We invite you to explore this option with us. We realize that it takes more effort than “popping a pill,” but we can’t refute the benefit that we have seen with this approach. We look forward to our journey together towards lasting health and well-being.

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