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We use nutritional supplements and specialized foods for many purposes: to treat diseases related to nutritional deficiencies, to relieve symptoms, and to help prevent future diseases. We treat a wide range of medical conditions with nutritional supplementation and can target our recommendations with nutritional testing. This approach offers an entirely new set of treatment options compared to the traditional medical approach. These suppliers are high-quality and certified.



  • Buy online: create an account and use our provider code — MareadyMedical



  • Buy online: create an account and use our provider code — DougMaready


MRM Organic Fiber

  • Available only in our office located at 4135 S. Power Rd, #113 in Mesa. This is a simple but amazing product. It contains mostly soluble fiber, shown to help with numerous conditionsobesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even cancer. A recent study also showed that it helps to control diabetes. All this at a fraction of the cost of other comparable supplements on the market.

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