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Our approach to diabetes treatment is different than most people are used to. We address all the causes and co-existing conditions of this extremely challenging disease—not just a superficial review of lab tests and medication prescriptions. We spend time helping people understand the disease. We talk about diet, obesity, nutritional deficiencies, mental health, digestive problems, hormones, and genetics, and discuss the treatment for each. We spend time on menu planning, goal setting, and exercise options. We carefully explain the medication options and have many samples to choose from.


We offer a wide range of glucose testing options and connect with you electronically. Visit their websites:

Freestyle Libre continuous glucose monitor

DexCom continuous glucose monitor

Accu-Chek Connect

For those on insulin, we have a tried and true insulin protocol that helps you dial-in your insulin dosing precisely. We will help you understand how to adjust your long-acting and short-acting insulin to keep your blood sugars stable.

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